Here’s What People Are Really Doing For The Fourth

The Fourth of July weekend is finally here, and while it’s usually associated with travel, barbecues and days at the beach, is that what most folks in America are really doing? Well, a new survey reveals just that. 

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • When it comes to celebrating the Fourth of July weekend, the truth is many people really don’t have plans at all.
  • In fact, 36% of Americans say they simply plan to stay at home and relax this holiday weekend.
  • When it comes to fireworks, 10% plan to go see a professional fireworks display, while another 10% will light their own fireworks.
  • Other top plans for the holiday weekend include:
    • Be with family/family get together (29%)
    • Cookout/barbecue/picnic (28%)
    • Watch TV (19%)
    • Household chores (13%)
    • Work (8%)
    • Local event/parade (8%)
    • Beach (6%)
    • Travel (4%)
  • 18% admit they have absolutely no plans at all. 
  • 66% of Americans say they plan to celebrate the holiday about as much as they do every year.
  • 27% will celebrate less than usual.
  • And only 7% plan to celebrate more than usual. 
  • When it comes to patriotism, 40% of Americans would describe themselves as “very” patriotic.
  • 34% say they are “somewhat” patriotic.
  • 16% are “not very” patriotic.
  • 10% are “not at all” patriotic.

Source: YouGov

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