We're Nostalgic For Childhood Summers

While summer is great, it’s certainly not as great as when we were kids and were out of school and could just spend eight weeks having fun outside with our friends. Having to work during the summer months is a huge downside for most adults, which may be why so many long to be a kid again, especially in summer.

A new survey finds:

  • 55% of Americans long to be a kid again.
  • That’s particularly true in the summer when 54% adults say they feel nostalgic for their childhood.
  • And there are certain activities from their childhood summers adult miss the most, including:
    • Playing outside (45%)
    • Family vacations (43%)
    • Eating ice cream (39%)
  • Most adults have such fond memories of their childhood, that they want to pass down some of those memories to their kids.
  • Memories they want to recreate include:
    • Eating ice cream together (27%)
    • Going swimming (27%)
    • Having a barbecue (27%)
    • Going on family vacations and road trips (27%)
  • ONE MORE THING! The survey was conducted by I Love Ice Cream Cakes ahead of National Ice Cream Month (July), which may explain why so many memories involve ice cream.
  • When it comes to favorite flavors, adults say their favorite flavor as a child was chocolate (32%), followed by vanilla (31%) and strawberry (29%).
  • Kids' favorite ice cream flavors include chocolate (31%), followed by vanilla (30%) and chocolate chip (26%).

Source: Yahoo Finance

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