Most of Us Are Planning Micro-cations This Summer

A lot of people will be heading out for a quick vacay for the July 4th weekend. While we all love a good week-long trip, more and more people seem to be relishing in small getaways this year.

A new survey by Allianz Partners finds:

  • A micro-cation is defined as a leisure trip at least 100 miles away from home that lasts four nights or fewer.
  • 53% of those polled say their next getaway will be a micro-cation.
  • 23% of Americans are planning more than one micro-cations this year.
  • Between now and September, 71% of Americans will spend at least one night away from home
  • 39% are planning on taking multiple summer trips.
  • The average number of micro-cations people will take is 1.4.
  • Four nights away is the average trip length. 

And just because it’s a short trip, doesn’t mean travelers don’t plan to spend their money.

  • The average one-night micro-cationer will spend $606 on their trip.
  • A two-night trip will set the average traveler back $410 per night.
  • A three-night trip will cost $325 a night, while four nights will cost, on average, $323 a night. 

Source: Travel Pulse

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