Young Americans Are Overbooked With Summer Plans

Summer is here and a lot of people have a lot of things planned and for some, it seems like it will be busier than ever.

A new poll commissioned by Mattress Firm and conducted by OnePoll finds:

  • Two in three young adults are expecting to have the busiest summer this year.
  • Overall, 67% of Gen Z and 65% of Millennials admit they have overbooked themselves this summer.
  • 68% of all respondents say they’ve RSVP’d yes to every special event they got an invite to.
  • The average person has three weddings, three birthday parties and three family vacations on their calendar for this summer. 
  • And all these plans are going to eat up people’s vacation time.
  • 52% of people say they will use their vacation time to travel for others.
  • Only 23% are using their PTO to travel for themselves. 
  • 62% of people expect to feel exhausted from all these events.
  • But when it comes to sleeping away from home, 73% say they actually get a better sleep while traveling.
  • 75% actually say they wake up feeling more refreshed when they are sleeping away from home.
  • Among the best parts of sleeping away from home…
    • The smell of clean sheets (43%)
    • The mattress (41%)
    • Being able to sleep in (39%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

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