People Share The Simple Things To Improve Your Mood When Having A Bad Day

Everyone has a bad day now and again, and sometimes it’s just hard to make yourself feel better when that happens. Well, now some people are sharing things that may help lift your spirits when it’s happening to you.

Someone on Reddit posed the question “What is a small, simple thing that you can do to improve your mood when having a bad day?,” and plenty of folks were happy to share some suggestions.

Suggestions include:

  • “I take my dog for a walk or a ride. He’s cute when he’s excited and it gives me bubbly feelings.”
  • “Do a baby check on myself. Make sure my base needs are ok first.
  • Baby hungry? Eat. Thirsty? Drink water. Need a change (scenery, shower, clothes)? Do that. Tired? Nap OR go for a quick constitutional.”
  • “Listen to music that cheers you up. That always helps me.”
  • “Bright smiling in the mirror for a few minutes. Might sound odd but helps. After a while the smile will be real.”
  • “Going for a walk. Even better if it's in some park or forest.”
  • “Crying alone in a dark bathroom. When I'm feeling excessively unregulated, that pulls me back together.”
  • “Eat your favorite food while watching Netflix/TV.”
  • “Have a bath or hot shower.”
  • “Make a joke to yourself, know what you like to laugh at and become your own jester.”
  • “Put my phone away. Regardless whether my bad day is caused my work, a fight with a loved one, world events etc. putting my phone away always helps. Seeing other people’s highlights isn’t what I need when I’m feeling down.”
  • “Weed. Every time. OR beer and pizza. Either one.”
  • “Meditate. This has changed my life so much it's unbelievable. Takes 20 minutes of my time, requires me to just sit and close my eyes and do nothing.”
  • “Eat chocolate.”

Source: Reddit

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