“He’s A 10 But…” Is The Latest Viral Trend

Singles are getting real about what they find as a turn off, and turn on, thanks to a new viral social media trend that has them getting honest about rating potential mates. 

The “He’s a 10 but…” trend has taken over TikTok and Twitter, with singles rating hypothetical potential partners, before sharing red or green flags that may drop or raise that rating. It usually starts with them rating the appearance of their hypothetical mate, before adding the “but” that changes the score.

For example, one Twitter user shared, “He’s a 10 BUT HE TAKES F- -KING AGES TO REPLY,” while The Bachelor” alum Serena Pitt shared, “Ok, he’s a nine, but he has a picture of a fish in his Hinge profile,” with friends then dropping him to a “two” and “one.” Another person shared her major dealbreaker writing, he’s “10 but “never flossed in his life.”

And guys are getting in on it too, with one guy noting, ““She’s a 10, but she’s got a little mustache on her face,” although after noting it was gross, he joked “still 10.”

Source: New York Post

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