What Are Our Favorite Things to Grill?

Now that we are officially in summer, more and more people will be firing up the grill for dinner or a barbecue, and for many, there are just some foods that taste better once they are cooked on a grill. A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Kansas City Steak Company finds:

  • 33% of people expect to attend a family barbecue or cookout this summer.
  • 29% of people say they grill food for family gatherings.
  • But a lot of people insist grilling shouldn’t be limited to summer.
  • In fact, 56% of people say they grill year round.
  • 48% have even used their grill during a snowstorm, and 39% have grilled in the rain.
  • 63% look at grilling as one of their healthy hobbies.

So, what is everyone’s favorite foods to grill?

  • Well, chicken tops the list as the most popular meat to grill this summer (53%), followed by:
    • Burgers (50%)
    • Steaks (48%)
  • But grilling isn’t just for the main course, with many using their grill for their sides and more, including:
    • Vegetables and fruits (51%)
    • Corn (35%)
    • Potatoes (35%)
    • Asparagus (30%)
    • Pineapple (30%)
    • Zucchini (30%)
  • And some folks get really creative with what they put on the grill.
  • Some of the unconventional foods respondents have grilled include:
    • “A crate of jalapeños.”
    • “Mexican seafood.”
    • “Cow tongue.”
    • “Snail.”
    • “Chicken and waffles.”
    • “Shrimp kabob.”
    • “Whole lizard.”
    • “Doughnuts.”
    • “Eggplant and fish.”
    • “Sweet potato, limes, oranges, and cake batter.”
    • “Avocados split into fours.”
    • “Grilled apple tossed salad.”
    • “Potato chips.” 

Source: SWNS Digital

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