Stylist Shares Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Cheap

In the world of fashion, it all comes down to the details. One wrong decision can take your outfit from trendy and chic to downright tacky, and that’s not a good look on anyone. Stylist Alexandra Croney shares the ways your garment choices are making you look cheap and how to look luxe on a budget.

To avoid being a fashion “don’t,” steer clear of:

  • Showing too much skin at once - This is the number one thing on Alexandra’s list of things that can make you look cheap. So if you’re wearing a mini skirt, skip the tube top or really revealing tank and pair it with a different top with more coverage.
  • Wearing something just because it’s trendy - Just because something is in style doesn't mean it fits your style. Some fads won’t be your thing and that’s okay, it’s better to wear what flatters you. A hoodie under a blazer may look great on someone you see on the street, but that doesn’t mean the combo will work for you.
  • Wearing heavily branded items - Rocking a shirt, bag or shoes with a big logo or brand name is one thing, but wearing them all at the same time can make you look like a walking advertisement. And that’s probably not the look you’re going for.

And on the flip side, Alexandra also shares how to dress high-end without spending a fortune:

  • Wear gold or silver earrings - Whether you prefer hoops or studs, this fashionista says these accessories will elevate any look.
  • Add some sunnies - According to Alexandra, sunglasses give your outfit an instant upgrade.
  • Go monochrome - Dressing in all one color will make you appear not only put together, but luxurious, too. And it will look effortlessly chic, which is always better than looking like you’re trying too hard.

Source: The Sun

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