Women Share Red Flags It’s Not Safe To Go Home With A Date

The dating scene can be a scary and unsafe place, so it’s always good when people share their knowledge to help each other out. A thread in Reddit’s “Ask women” section asks, “What are some signs when you go on a date with someone that it’s not safe to go home with them?”

Women are responding with their first date red flags, creating a kind of checklist of what to watch out for:

  • “Not respecting your boundaries … If you say no to anything and they push you on it, bye.”
  • “Baiting conversations. Either on controversial topics or by attempting to steer the conversation in a sexual direction, especially when you repeatedly either ignore or slap down those topics.”
  • “If they get too intoxicated on the first date”
  • “If they treat male staff differently than female staff. Universal niceness shouldn’t be affected by gender.”
  • “If they try to get you to an isolated or low-traffic area on a first date.”
  • “If they immediately start love bombing you with overt compliments or gifts.”
  • “If the guy constantly walks in front of you or talks over you every time you say something. It’s a very subtle thing to notice, but guys who do that tend to have ego issues or don’t respect women IMO.”
  • “If they won’t give any details of their life. Like, I don’t need your life story, but if you won’t even tell me if you have pets, then you’re sketch as h*ll.”
  • “If they show a sense of unnecessary urgency. Anybody trying to time-pressure you into anything is up to no good.”
  • “If they keep making sexist jokes.”
  • “If they keep asking you if any of your friends are coming.”
  • “If they ever refer to themselves as an ‘alpha’ completely seriously.”
  • “If they don’t maintain eye contact”
  • And lastly, “Always trust your gut.”

Source: Reddit

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