Stickers Remind You To Reapply Sunscreen

Now that it’s officially summer, more and more people will be headed to beaches and pools, which means plenty of hours in the sun, and plenty of chances to get a bad sunburn if they don’t sun block enough.

While many of us know that putting sunscreen on just once is not enough, it isn’t always easy to remember to reapply, and even if we do remember, how do we know when’s the right time to do so. Well, apparently there are now stickers that do just that. 

The company SPOTOMYUV makes stickers that are clinically proven UF detectors, and signals to those out in the sun that they are need of more sunscreen. All folks have to do is put the sticker, which is purple when first applied, on to their skin. Once you add sunscreen, it becomes clear and blends into your skin. It then will turn purple again to signal it’s time to reapply.

The sticker can be applied anywhere on the body, and as long as you are wearing strong enough SPF you shouldn’t have to worry about getting circular tan lines, especially if you move the sticker around every once in a while.

Source: Metro UK

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