Here's Why Office Workers Under 40 Want To Ban Phone Calls

A new survey has found that office workers find telephone calls “aggressive” and “confrontational” and want them banned. The survey says that this trend is being driven by workers under the age of 40, aka millennials and Gen Z. It also finds:

  • 75% of office workers would rather communicate through email or social media than telephone calls.
  • Over three in four people (78%) admitted to frequently ignore incoming phone calls if they don’t recognize whose calling, as they have a fear that it can be a confrontational conversation.
  • One in ten said they go out of their way to avoid face-to-face conversations as they leave them feeling on edge.
  • Nine in ten workers said the work week should be reduced to four days.


“While younger office workers clearly prefer messaging to talking, we also found that across age groups there is a feeling that phone calls have the potential to quickly become confrontational.” Tim Agnew of who commissioned the survey said. “Many people are reflecting that by ignoring calls while at the same time being prepared to respond to email and social-media messages.”

Source: Daily Mail

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