Panera Giving Away “Charged Up Cups” That Double As Phone Chargers

There’s a new summer promotion from Panera that gives fans a chance to win a Charged Up Cup – as in, a reusable cup that is made especially for Panera’s new Charged Lemonades and it doubles as a phone charger.

Why? Because they point out that it’s the start of the Summer Slump where 25% of workers feel less productive. As for how it works, the base of the 17-oz bottle pops off and becomes a charging base and rest for your phone so you can drink and charge at the same time.

To get a chance at one of the new cups go to to enter the contest. They’ll choose 480 winners on June 21st – the longest day of the year – and winners in NYC, Chicago, LA and St. Louis will get their cups via personal delivery.

SourceChew boom

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