Strange Rules People Had To Follow At A Friend’s House

When you’re a kid, getting to spend the day at a friend’s house can be great, but when you are over there you have to follow their parents’ rules, and not all of them always make sense.

Well, now some folks are sharing some of those odd rules they had to follow after someone on Reddit posed the question “What was the strangest rule you had to respect at a friend's house?" Strange rules include:

  • “No one was allowed to swim in the swimming pool because it was 'only for decoration.'"
  • “No 'boy talk.' Her mom made us keep the intercom on when we were in her bedroom and would listen to us talk, if we started talking about Boys, she would chime in and tell us to change the subject.”
  • “No one was allowed to laugh at the dinner table or talk other than to ask, 'Please pass the. . .' No one was allowed to leave the table (even for a bathroom emergency) until the dad was done eating.”
  • “We had to finish all the milk in the cereal bowl. Like every drop. But we weren't allowed to pick up the bowl or be noisy. Imagine 3 little kids carefully trying to drink milk from a spoon without slurping or scraping the bowl while one scary af mom watched us in silence.”
  • “No one was allowed to poo in their house, if you needed a poo you had to go to the grocery store, which was a 5 min walk away.”
  • “No going inside until 6pm. Fun in the summer deadly in the winter.”
  • “Being a young man, that I had to sit while peeing in their house. And the dad stayed in the bathroom to make sure. Weird.”
  • “House rule: When eating dinner with their family, we weren't allowed to have a beverage of any kind (including water) with our meal. Had to wait until we were finished.”
  • “Nobody was allowed to watch any of the TV channels above 12...because the higher number channels were for 'filthy savages.' That limited the house to 3 useable channels.”

Source: Reddit

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