Psychological Tricks That Make Dealing With People Easier

Whether your goal is to win friends and influence people, or just be better at dealing with coworkers, the Internet is here to help. A Reddit thread asks, “What are psychological tricks that are useful against people?” Thousands of replies have come in offering tips for everything from dealing with difficult people to convincing someone to do you a favor.

These are some of the best psychological tricks to make it easier to deal with people:

  • “If you need a big favor from someone (or a favor someone is likely to say no to) ask a small favor first, like borrowing a pen or something similar. They’ll be more likely to say yes to a bigger favor.”
  • “4 seconds of silence can feel the same as rejection in the brain. So if someone is being a jerk to you, after they say something just look at them and count to 4 in your head, most of the time they'll start backtracking and taking back what they said before you're done counting.”
  • “If in need, instead of asking ‘anyone’ to help you, ask a specific person ‘hey, you there in the green shirt could you give me a hand’... It works.”
  • “When it’s hard to convince someone to do something: give them options. That way they feel like they're in control. ‘You could do A or do you prefer B?’”
  • “The less forceful you are, the more agreeable people are. I read that prefacing a request with, "It's fine if you say no, but could you..." makes people more likely to agree to do the request.”
  • “I've seen this a lot in airports and in some stores, but having a mirror behind the cashier/receptionist often stops people from being angry because once you start to see what you look like angry you begin calming down.”
  • “Waving while driving. The act of directly acknowledging the other driver really mitigated how mad they might get about you cutting in front of whatever.”
  • “I find Cunningham's law works surprisingly well. i.e. the quickest way to get someone to tell you the right answer is to post the wrong answer.”
  • “Never stand anywhere for more than 60 seconds and you'll always look busy. Also, walk fast.”
  • “Do not apologize for the inconvenience, thank them for their patience.”

Source: Reddit

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