People Share The Small Things That Make Them REALLY Angry

While there are plenty of big reasons to be angry in this day and age, some people get angry for little things that may seem unreasonable to others, and now those folks are owning up to it. 

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What are small things that make you unbelievably angry?” and plenty of folks were more than happy to share. 

Responses include:

  • “Slow walkers you can't pass.”
  • “Autocorrect, especially when typing on a phone or tablet and my fingers hit the wrong keys and it autocorrects to something completely different and I don’t notice.”
  • “People not using their turn signals...”
  • “When the ppl get on the elevator before letting the ppl on the elevator get off.”
  • “Stubbing my toe.”
  • “Mispronouncing words. "Can you be more pacific?" "Can I lend your pen?" "Expresso coffee". "I aksed him". Omg I've got to stop I can feel my blood pressure rising.”
  • “People flicking cigarettes out of their car window.”
  • “Wet socks.”
  • “Talking with your mouth full.”
  • “Clothes that are just slightly too big or too small to be comfortable.”
  • “Your socks falling down while you walk and just being scrunched in your shoe.”
  • “People failing to put their shopping cart in an appropriate place after use.”
  • “Not putting a new toilet roll out, after you emptied it.” 

Source: Reddit

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