Creative Date Ideas For When You're All Out Of 'Em

Sometimes it’s hard to think of a new date idea. It’s so easy to fall into the same Netflix and chill routine or go out to eat. If you and your partner are looking for new things to try, here are some creative date ideas from “Elite Daily” to keep things fun and interesting!

  • Take a cooking class. It’ll give you both skills to then try and home for another date night!
  • Play 20 questions. No matter how long you’re dating, there’s always new things to learn about each other.
  • Try a new cuisine. Is there a type of food one (or both) of you have never tried? Go try it!
  • Do a comedy night. Go to a comedy club or if you’re real daring, do stand-up at an open mic night.
  • Explore somewhere new. Whether it be a zoo, vintage store, historical landmark, wherever – if it’s something you haven’t explored yet, go!
  • Take a mixology class. Just like cooking, you can then have another date night at home making cocktails you learned!
  • Do a photobooth crawl. You can find these in bars, malls, restaurants, just about anywhere!
  • Get a couple’s massage. Not only will it make you feel great, but it’s super intimate.
  • Go on a walk. It really can be as simple as that.

For even more ideas, click HERE!

Source: Elite Daily

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