Detective Says Not To Text Photos To Online Dating Matches

The world can be a crazy place, especially for singles in the dating world. That’s why Mike, a former detective who goes by Killer Bee Tactical, LLC on TikTok, regularly shares safety and security tips on the platform.

In a recent video, Mike warns online daters not to send photos to people they’ve met on the apps. Why? He says those images can reveal information about your location, something you don’t necessarily want a stranger to know. It turns out, the information button underneath the image on your phone can show the place and time where the photo was taken.

So if you’re texting photos to a match from a dating app, like say of you standing on your front porch, they can now see where you are, which can be dangerous. But Mike says there’s an easy way to protect your privacy while still sharing the same images. “A screenshot doesn’t have that information,” he points out. “Take a screenshot of the photo, send a screenshot.”

Source: Independent

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