Singles Looking For Real Romance, Not Hookups, This Summer

With the return of summer, many singles often put aside their search for true love to enjoy some fun summer flings, but a new survey suggests such flings don’t look so appealing to many.

A new survey finds:

  • 52% of singles would prefer to find a serious relationship this summer as opposed to just casual hookups.
  • While most admit summer flings, including one-night stands and friends with benefits, are enjoyable, the majority say they want deeper personal intimacy.
  • Finding a potential partner is so important to some, that 62% say they would commit time on their summer vacations to go out on dates to find one.
  • And many aren’t limiting themselves to their home base, with 20% saying they are planning to travel this summer to meet a potential mate for the first time after connecting online. 

But for many, past summers have included the seasonal hookup.

  • 25% say they’ve dated a lifeguard.
  • 32% have hooked up with a summer house roommate.
  • 30% have hooked up with a bartender.
  • 15% have spent the summer hooking up with an old flame.

And for plenty of singles, summer won’t only be about romance.

  • 81% of singles say they plan to spend plenty of time this summer enjoying girls’ and guys’ nights out before the season is over.

Source: Business Insider

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