People Share Their Most Controversial Food Opinions

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to food. For example, while some folks may love beets, others may think they taste like dirt, and both sides will likely be proud to share their thoughts on the subject.

But some folks have some rather interesting opinions when it comes to some foods, and now they are sharing. It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What’s your most controversial food opinion?”

Responses include:

  • “Bacon ain't that great.”
  • “A hotdog, in a bun, is a sandwich.”
  • “Miracle Whip is disgusting.”
  • “Cabbage is criminally underrated.”
  • “The best way to eat chili is using tortilla chips as scoops.”
  • “Creamy salad dressings that are mostly made up of mayonnaise/yoghurt etc are absolutely disgusting. Vinaigrettes are infinitely superior.”
  • “Deconstructed food is overpriced bulls*it and just because a starred chef does it does not make it good.”
  • “Egg as ingredient/component > just egg (especially scrambled).”
  • “There's nothing unhealthy about MSG. It enhances the flavor of anything it's added to. I personally like a 50/50 blend of high-quality salt and MSG for most cooking.”
  • “Chick-fil-a and Canes sauce are overrated.”
  • “Filets are one of the worst steaks. Suuuper expensive, almost no marbling (flavor), and they're annoyingly small.”
  • “Cake is insanely overrated.”
  • “There shouldn't be any "children's food", kids should eat the same thing as adults.”
  • “Cold food is better than reheated food.”

Source: Reddit

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