People Reveal The First Date Tips Everyone Should Know

First dates are never easy, ] but after going on a lot of them people start learning tricks to make them go smoothly, and safely, and now some of those people are sharing what they’ve learned.

It all started when someone on Reddit’s AskWomen forum posed the question “What first date tips do you wish everyone knew?,” and folks were more than happy to share their wisdom.

Tips include:

  • “Don’t be late, and if you are, send an apologetic text with your ETA as soon as you know. Dress like you car (and this one is the most important one) ASK QUESTIONS. Be interested. If you’re not interested, why are you there?”
  • “Go in prepared to pay for half the meal!! It’s silly to assume one party will pay the entire bill.”
  • “Trust yourself if you sense ANY thing. Anything. If you sense anything for half a second, anything creepy, bad, or malignant weird - TRUST YOURSELF. Healthy fear this is the most important thing a woman can have when dating.”
  • “Don't be too concerned about making him like you. Focus on figuring out if you like him. And don't fool yourself into liking him just to get someone.”
  • “The first date should be more like friends hanging out then someone desperately trying to get my romantic/sexual intention. Chillllll out dude, just have some casual fun.”
  • “Pick a place that's easy to leave at any time. My go-to places before I got married were coffee shops or bars. You can easily pay for yourself upfront, so if things were going poorly you could leave without making a big deal about it.”
  • “Make sure loved ones know where you’ll be, or share your location! Don’t drink beforehand, even if it’s tempting to want to take the edge off. Maybe plan the date as something active or challenging that helps you get to the know the new date better.”
  • “You can get up and walk out at any point during the date if you feel that's necessary. You are not obligated to sit through the whole date if you're feeling uncomfortable, have an emergency, or just aren't getting along with that person.”
  • Don’t bring up past relationships …even if it’s to tell him he’s much better than your ex…………….it says that you’re still thinking about him (the ex, that is).”

Source: Reddit

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