Most of Us Are Proud To Be Considered Bargain Hunters

With inflation the way it is today, most people are looking to find ways to save money, and it sure sounds like most people have no problem if others think that makes them look cheap.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ollie’s for their America’s Biggest Cheapskate contest finds:

  • 53% of Americans say they are proud if others consider them a bargain-hunter.
  • Another 54% take the label “cheap” as a compliment.
  • And it people will go to great lengths to find a good bargain.
  • In fact, the average person would be willing to drive an hour to a store for a good deal on an item they want.
  • But what exactly constitutes a “good deal?”
  • Well, 25% of people say something must be at least 50% off to be a good deal.
  • But 76% are happy with a discount lower than that.
  • 25% of people say they are unlikely to purchase an item at full price.
  • While 75% are willing to wait a month before purchasing something to see if it goes on sale.
  • 67% say because of inflation they find themselves searching for deals more often than they did before.
  • Another 67% say finding a deal makes them feel better about spending money.
  • Of course not all deals save people money, with 41% admitting they “always” or “often” buy something they don’t need just because they found a great deal.

So, where are people getting the best discounts? The top places include:

Grocery store (26%)

  • Electronics store (25%)
  • Clothing store (24%)
  • Department store (21%)
  • Discount store (20%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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