More Adults Playing Video Games Than Kids

When most people think of video games, they probably think of young kids and teens sitting on the couch wasting hours inside rather than playing outside. But a new report reveals they aren’t necessarily the ones wasting their days in front of a video game monitor.

The newly-published 2022 Essential Facts about the Video Game Industry report finds:

  • More than 215 million people, or two-thirds of America, are regular video game players.
  • Three quarters of those players are over 18, meaning most aren’t kids or teens.
  • In fact, the average video game player is 33 years old.

As for how people are playing their video games:

  • A video game console is still the most popular device for playing video games, with 70% of respondents using one.
  • Other popular devices include:
    • Personal computer (4350
    • Tablet/iPad (26%)
    • Virtual reality headset (7%)
  • But why limit yourself to one, with 60% saying they play video games on multiple devices.

When it comes to why people play video games…

  • 93% say they bring them joy.
  • 91% say they provide mental stimulation.
  • 89% say they offer stress relief. 

Source: USA Today

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