Wedding Planner Says You Should Ignore This Wedding Advice

As soon as you get engaged, it can feel like the entire world is telling you what you need to do and not do at your wedding. A wedding planner is here to help, talking with “Insider” about wedding advice you can ignore.

  • You shouldn’t immediately book a venue. Rushing into venue tours is actually a common way couples blow their wedding budget.
  • Your wedding won’t be ruined if you don’t hire a wedding planner. It may be more stressful if you don’t have help, but it won’t be ruined.
  • There’s nothing impolite about asking for money. The “traditional” registry of household goods is out of date for most couples.
  • You’re not setting yourselves up for failure if you have your parents pay for things. Weddings are expensive. You’re fortunate if you have family who can help contribute.
  • It’s not rude to exclude children. Put it on your invitation or RSVP.
  • Weekday weddings can be worth it. You can save thousands on a weekday wedding and have a lot better vendor options.
  • You don’t have to invite everyone to the post-rehearsal dinner. Remember… you’re hosting a wedding for everyone.
  • Assigned seating is perfectly acceptable. Whether it’s a table assignment or actual seat assignment, telling your guests where to sit can actually make things easier for them.

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Source: Insider

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