Velveeta Drops New Nail Polish That Smells Like Cheese

If you’re a fan of Velveeta cheese and love a manicure, listen up. Velveeta has partnered with the UK company Nails.INC to create the Velveeta Pinkies Polish Collection And yes…it’s nail polish that smells like…cheese! There are two:

  • La Dolce Velveeta – It matches Velveeta’s golden color and makers say it smells like mac ‘n’ cheese ($15)
  • Finger Food – This one’s fire engine red, but has the same cheese scent ($15)

The colors can be worn together and you can also get a pad of 72 accompanying nail stickers on Amazon for just $5.

Stickers range from gold dripping ones or “drip” and “creamy” options in addition to noodle stickers. Supplies of the polish collection are available for a limited time only and can be bought on the Nails.INC website or on Amazon.

Source: Elite Daily

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