Most Dads Get Forgotten On Father’s Day

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away, but it doesn’t sound like most people are likely to be thinking about it, because a new survey suggests most dads get shafted on the big day.

A survey by Manly Man finds:

  • Only 33.6% of Americans say Father’s Day is “one of the most important holidays,” compared to 41.2% who say Mother’s Day is.
  • 26% of Americans admit they have or may have forgotten at one time to get their dad a gift for Father’s Day.
  • 30.2% of Americans admit they have “sometimes” been late with a Father’s Day gift for dad.
  • What’s worse, 12.7% are “always” late and another 5.6% are “frequently” late.
  • And you’d think men would remember to do something for Dad, but you’re wrong, with 62.7% of men saying they are frequently late with Father’s Day gifts, something only 37.3% of women say.
  • Folks may forget because they are actually clueless about when Father’s Day is.
  • When asked how close to Father’s Day they buy dad a gift, 7.5% of Americans actually asked “when is Father’s Day.”
  • Men or more likely than women to ask when Father’s Day is celebrated (60.3% vs. 39.7%).
  • Another 5.7% of people say they wait until the day before to buy dad a gift, while 2.9% do so “on the way to Father’s Day dinner.” 

And when they do get gifts, dads aren’t usually happy with them.

  • 22.3% of dads say the worst Father’s Day gift they ever received was “nothing.”
  • 10.3% say it was a “tie” and 4.9% say it was “socks.”
  • As for some of the oddest Father’s Day gifts, responses included:
    • Macaroni art
    • A pet rock
    • A fish plaque
    • A plunger
    • A taxidermied alligator head

Source: Business Insider

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