Tweets That Show Adulting Is Kind Of A Mess For Everyone

There are days you may feel like you’re not adulting right. Well, rest assured that almost everyone has those moments. Don’t believe it? Buzzfeed compiled some tweets that show adulting is kind of a mess for everyone:

  • “You know you need help when you read adulting as auditing.”
  • “Yeah adulting is hard, but at least now I don't have to ask for someone's permission to pee”
  • “Y'all ever be at work for 5 hours then check the clock and it’s been 42 minutes”
  • “A friend perfectly defined adulting as paying bills as you wait to die!”
  • “Sometimes tummy hurts… sometimes head hurts. When neither hurts? That is what life is about”
  • “Pro-tip - if you hate dusting just make your home aesthetic ‘haunted mansion’ so dust adds to the ambiance. Follow me for more life hacks.”
  • “Excitement over getting new things we use for chores we hate is the weirdest part of being an adult”
  • “Adulting is realizing you only have 2 homies for life and the rest of the world is just for you to play along because we are social beings”
  • “I miss being a kid and thinking I was rich with $10”
  • “Making plans with no money and trusting the universe”

For even more tweets, click HERE!

Source: Buzzfeed

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