TikTok Says Jam Seltzer Is This Summer’s Trendiest Drink

Summer 2021 was all about whipped lemonade, according to FoodTok. And the foodies at TikTok are already calling jam seltzer the trendiest drink for this summer. It’s a two-ingredient sipper that’s incredibly easy to make and offers endless variations. Plus, you probably have everything you need to make it in your kitchen right now.

So what is jam seltzer? Just what it sounds like. A seltzer with a spoonful of jam mixed in. You can use any sparkling water and any jam of your choice, so the combos are completely customizable. Whether you’re a fan of LaCroix, Topo Chico, Polar or any other brand of bubbly water, start with the flavor of your choice, and as for the jam, most TikTokers stick to Smucker’s and Bonne Maman, but any brand will do.

Some pointers for making jam seltzer:

  • If you like your drinks on the subtly sweet side, go easy on the jam and just use a little. One tablespoon is a good starting place.
  • To make it a lot sweeter, some TikTokers use as much as three tablespoons of jam per 12-ounce can of seltzer.
  • Be aware that specks of jam may sink to the bottom of your glass, especially if you use one with seeds.
  • The flavor combinations are endless, but some popular ones include blueberry-lemon, raspberry-lime, apricot-mango and blackberry-coconut.
  • Jam seltzer makes the perfect non-alcoholic mocktail as is, or you can add some booze of your choice or swap the seltzer for a hard seltzer to create a cocktail. Cheers!

Source: PureWow

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