Lack Of Sleep Make Others Look Less Attractive To You

You’ve heard of beer goggles, now there are sleep goggles. While beer googles make people look better the more you drink, sleep goggles work in the opposite way! A new study shows not getting enough sleep makes you see people differently.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden used eye tracking tech to see what 45 young men and women saw in real time. The students spent one night with no sleep and one with eight hours. It turns out they rated angry faces as less trustworthy and healthy-looking and neutral and fearful faces as less attractive.

The key…and lesson… to the study is that when you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t look at people’s faces. That means you don’t read them like you normally would. The only thing they aren’t sure of is if chronic sleep loss has the same effect.

Source: Study Finds

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