How To Nail Your Second Date

When it comes to dating advice, first dates get all the attention. And it makes sense, since first impressions tend to stick and first dates can be nerve-wracking. But second dates are when things really start to matter and once the first-date jitters are gone, you can better tell if you actually like this person.

So how do you nail a second date? Samantha Rowland-Jones, a matchmaker at Ignite Dating, says these five things will do it:

  • Relax and enjoy it - If your first date was successful enough to lead to a second, you can kick back and actually have fun on the second one. It’s easier to keep the conversation flowing because you know more about each other and you can relax more while getting to know each other.
  • Mix it up - Do something different this time around. Samantha recommends, “Suggest that this second date should include doing something the other person will really enjoy based on what you’ve already learned about them.”
  • Get a little deeper - It’s still only the second time you’ve gone out, so you don’t want to start grilling them about their family or their exes, but this date is the perfect time to find out more about each other.
  • Show more affection - This matchmaker says now’s the time to venture into getting physical. Do what feels comfortable to you, whether that’s just a touch on the arm or a kiss. Neither of you should feel rushed into anything, but if the time is right, go for it.
  • Get real - On a first date, you probably want to be on your best behavior, but by the second one, you can show more of who you actually are. “A successful second date should tell both of you whether or not there is enough there to potentially warrant a relationship,” Samantha explains. “So it really is important to show your true self at this stage and find out how compatible you could be as a couple.”

Source: Metro

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