How To Feel Better When You've Lost Your Self Confidence

Sometimes it’s hard to remember our self-worth. But when those days or weeks come, it’s important for us to remember how bomb we really are. We sometimes need help though, so here are some ways for us to feel better when we’ve lost our self confidence.

  • Write a happy list. Make a list of five things you are proud of and keep it in your wallet so it’s easily accessible for when you need a reminder.
  • Tap your support system. Call a friend or family member when you’re feeling down and admit how you’re feeling. They’ll pump you up!
  • Seriously, get in front of a mirror and smile at yourself.
  • Sit down for X amount of time, take a few deep breaths in, and think about something that relaxes you.
  • Work out. You’ll get that release of those sweet endorphins.
  • Give in to tears. It’s okay to cry it out and it’s super cathartic.
  • Take a walk. Walking by yourself, especially around something scenic, can help reset your mind.
  • Spread social love. Posting something positive on social media can be a fun way to connect with your followers.
  • Get close to a pet. Petting your pet can lower blood pressure and calm nerves. Borrow a friends if you don’t have one!
  • Writing about what’s bothering you is a really good release.

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Source: PopSugar

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