Regrets...We've Had a Few

You’ve definitely heard the phrase that hindsight is 20/20. You’ve probably had that moment of realization yourself (likely even more than once). Reddit user Friendly_Lion165 took to the platform to ask “What are the most common things that most people regret later in life?” The answers may be relatable to you too, or simply eye-opening.

  • "Working too much and not enjoying your personal life more."
  • "Not saving and investing money starting in your 20s."
  • "Listening too much to people who don't have your best interest at heart."
  • "Friends drifting apart and losing contact with each other over time."
  • "Waiting for the right moment. Never comes, bud."
  • "Opportunities not taken. I’d prefer to regret the things I tried and failed instead of regretting not trying at all."
  • "Not keeping good credit health. So much in life depends on having good credit."
  • "Spending a fortune on your wedding instead of saving it or using it towards a house."
  • "Staying with the wrong person too long. Not drawing boundaries with intrusive family members. Not believing in yourself enough to follow a dream."
  • "Not taking care of your teeth."

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Source: Reddit

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