Most Delivery Workers Admit To Eating Customers' Food

There’s a dark side to getting things delivered that will make you take pause. Circuit Route Planner took a poll of 500 delivery drivers and found out some interesting things. Like 8-in-10 food delivery drivers eat part of their customer’s order. Not only that, but one-in-four drivers confess that they’ve had sex in their vehicle and one-in-10 have peed on or near a customer’s home.

Some other takeaways are:

  • 27-percent have had inappropriate conversations with customers
  • They’ve intentionally damaged packages (23%),
  • 18-percent mark packages as delivered when they aren’t
  • 17-percent have stolen packages
  • 17-percent admit to opening and then resealing packages

There’s a reason for the bad behavior, though. About 73-percent say they are tipped very poorly and have been tip baited. Other things about customers that upset drivers are:

  • Dogs bark at them 57-percent
  • The neighbors are rude 38-percent
  • Customers are over friendly 34-percent
  • The address is hard to get to 34-percent
  • Customers aren’t friendly 30-percent

Source: Study Finds

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