How Couples Should Probably Decide If Counseling Is Worth It

Marriage or couples counseling is becoming more and more common…and there’s seriously no shame in it. For example, about 44% of couples go to counseling before tying the knot. Research also shows that couples therapy has had a positive impact…to the tune of 70% of the time! How do you know if it’s something you and your partner should be considering? Here are some “expert thoughts” to consider:

  • New York State licensed psychologist and couple’s counselor Gavin Shafron advises, “I often see couples come to therapy when they find themselves in the same repetitive arguments again and again, or when they are concerned about the sustainability or healthiness of their current dynamic.”
  • Licensed marriage and family therapist and author Saliha Bava says, “I’ve had couples who come in and find they are…getting into conflict and they feel tension, not necessarily fighting, but even still there’s tension in the body. Something feels off and you might say she’s not listening, she’s not getting me.”

What if you’re still not sure? Dr. Shafron suggests doing some reflection on your relationship. Ask yourself, “What challenges [you or your partner] about the idea of entering counseling?” Figure out if the challenges your relationship is having are already being addressed or if there needs to be some sort of change, like counseling, to happen.

Source: Lifehacker

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