Teachers Share The Most Unexpected Gifts They’ve Received From Students

It hardly seems possible, but we’ve made it to the tail end of another school year. And that means it’s time to thank your kiddos’ teachers for everything they do with an end of the year gift. Stumped on what to give them? A Reddit thread in the “Teachers” section may offer some inspo. It asks “What's the most unexpected teacher gift you've received?”

The responses reveal that some people go above and beyond to show their gratitude to teachers and others should just let the thought count:

  • “Disaster kid who was failing every class and a gigantic behavior problem made me a gigantic rams head in pottery class because he knew I was a die hard Los Angeles Rams fan.”
  • “A kid’s mom was a professional baker one year and she made every teacher (kids have 6) one hundred French macaroons EACH.”
  • “Student gave me a pair of New Balances. He bought himself an identical pair so that we could be twins. Thoughtful and wonderful. I love how comfortable my dad shoes are.”
  • “When I taught preschool a parent handed me a $100 bill for the Holidays; he said he was bad at words but his daughter loved coming to school and that he knew it was because of me.”
  • “A huge cake with a card that says "Sorry we're a**holes" from a group of kids.”
  • “A gift set from Bath and Body Works. With a card....‘Sorry it doesn't have a gift bag, I didn't get one because I stole it.’”
  • “A kid in a class that never shuts up bought me a megaphone. It has honestly been the best and most useful gift I have ever received.”
  • “A handmade fountain pen made by the father and son. They had noticed that I carried and used fountain pens for everything and gave me this gift when I left the school.”
  • “A gift card to the weed dispensary.”
  • “A kid gave me a clipping of his hair in a Ziploc bag that said “(x’s hair, do not throw away). Definitely unexpected”

Source: Reddit

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