People Are Sharing The Moment They Realized They're Finally An Adult

Yes, technically we become adults at the age of 18, but are we really? There’s some things we experience in our early adulthood that makes us realize, wow, we really are adults now. People are sharing what their moment of realization was.

  • “I knew I was an adult when I had life insurance, a mortgage, and a 401(k). A few weeks after buying my house was when it hit me: wow, I’m a grown-up now.”
  • “When I had to mediate an issue between my parents. I was in my mid-20's and felt like I was the only adult in the room!”
  • “The first time my son wanted to hold my hand so we could cross a street. This little fellow trusted me with his life!”
  • “When I nearly asked out someone I really hit it off with at an event hosted by my college alumni association and realized that, even though she was a college graduate, she was too young for me.”
  • “Surprisingly it wasn’t when we closed and signed the paperwork on our first house, it was a couple of days later when I was standing in line to pay for a lawnmower.”
  • “When I got my first four digit medical bill. I was completely sheltered before that moment thinking “I have medical insurance, I should be set.” NOPE, welcome to America. That was a slap to the face type of realization.”

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Source: Lifehacker

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