People Are Revealing The "Oh H*ll No" Relationship Moment

Sometimes in a relationship, there’s a breaking point you reach where you’re finally able to end things. It’s different for everyone. A Reddit user u/donutnolikey was user what people’s reasons where and asked the question “What was your ‘OH H*LL NAH’ moment in a relationship that made you leave?” Here are some.

  • "She stole my car, drove it from Washington to Las Vegas, and married a guy she met on Xbox Live so he could get residence."
  • "My ex-wife started an argument with me one morning when I was headed to the funeral of a childhood friend. I asked if she could not do this right now. Her response was 'Oh, poor you.' That was the beginning of the end."
  • "She crawled through my doggie door at 1:30 am, went through my phone, and then asked me why I was talking to another woman. Oh, I forgot to mention that I broke up with her a month earlier. We were not in a relationship when she pulled that stunt."
  • "I noticed I was always trying to be asleep by the time she got back from drinking and that was because she would regularly blackout and get mean (not in a sexy way) with me."
  • "My ex-boyfriend was angry his mom woke him up at 10 am via phone call. So after the call, he punched a hole in his door, threw his phone at the window, woke me up forcefully, and yelled at me to buy a new door so his parents wouldn’t kick him out."
  • "He was polyamorous — literally dating other people — but got super upset and jealous when I would hug my friends."

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Source: Reddit

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