How To Get The Most Out Of Your “Hot Girl Walk”

Have you heard about “Hot Girl Walks?” The exercise trend has been all over TikTok this spring after the term was coined by user Mia Lind. She came up with the concept while doing her daily stroll during the pandemic and the idea is to get your fitness in while boosting your self-esteem at the same time. The 22-year-old says you should think about three things during your Hot Girl Walk:

  • What you’re grateful for
  • How hot you are … after all, it’s not called a Hot Girl Walk for nothing
  • And your goals and the steps it takes to achieve them

While Lind did lose some weight by taking her extended walks, she stresses that isn’t the goal of the Hot Girl Walk. “The mental benefits and self-care aspect is the biggest change, or growth I have seen from the HGW,” she explains.

Ready to get your Hot Girl Walk on? These tips from fitness experts and mental health practitioners who specialize in body image will help you make the most of them.

  • Mind your posture - That means chest upright, head held high, standing tall and keeping those shoulders back and down.
  • Walk without a time or distance requirement - Some days you may feel like trekking four miles, other days it may be a quick walk around the block and that’s just fine.
  • Ditch the “hot” part if that feels better to you - If that whole “Hot Girl” aspect of it doesn’t appeal to you, focus on the walk for your mental health and leave the “hot” part out.
  • Listen to music that moves you - Lind challenges people to walk without their earbuds, but if you prefer to listen to something, she encourages mood-boosting music rather than something distracting, like a podcast.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t maintain positive thoughts the whole time - If you find you’re having trouble thinking positive thoughts during your walk, just try to acknowledge the thoughts without judgment and remember they’re not facts. And try to focus on your breathing, instead of your nagging thoughts.

Source: Huff Post

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