People Are Sharing Their Workplace Romance Secrets

You’ve likely heard that dating or hooking up with your coworker is a no-no. But, we all know it happens. And it does work out well for many couples! Those couples are now sharing their workplace romance secrets and how they’ve made it work.

  • "We actually met at a company conference. He was living a state away at the time, supporting a different office, and I was at our headquarters. About six months into our relationship, we decided to see what options we had for him to move up to our headquarters. We went from seeing each other maybe two days out of the week to living AND working together every day.
  • "I worked with my boyfriend-to-fiancé at his family business for two years before we made the decision for me to quit. Working with his parents was the worst thing ever, and it was hard to separate work-life from home-life.
  • "My now husband and I worked together twice, once in a pub and once in an office role. We would sneak off to have quickies on our lunch breaks. The anticipation was so hot and the afternoon was just...."
  • "My husband and I work for different divisions of the same company. We had never even worked in the same building until the pandemic. We were all sent home in the summer of 2020, and we've been working three feet apart ever since. It is actually terrific! 

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Source: Buzzfeed

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