Employees Are Sharing Nasty Secrets From Places They Worked

Have you ever had a job that was filled with secrets only the staff could know but should never ever get into the hands of clients? It’s unfortunately more common than you may think. Reddit user u/rasutii asked the question, “What’s a company secret you can share because you don’t work there anymore?” and the answers may surprise you… or not. 

  • "I worked at a trampoline park, and the whole place is nasty. Kids go to the bathroom everywhere, and we can't clean piss out of the foam pit — no one wants to touch it. So, chances are, you are jumping into pee-soaked foam."
  • "Worked at a deli. The decaf coffee was just regular coffee in a pot with an orange top."
  • "Used to work for a big box retailer. They purposely under-scheduled your hours, so you wouldn't qualify for full-time benefits, including health insurance.”
  • "The dollar store I used to work at kept the key to the store...under the rug in front of the front doors."
  • "Travel site warnings like 'book quickly because there is only one room available in this hotel' are bullsh*t."

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Source: Reddit

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