A Woman is Warning About "Being Tracked" After She Found AirTag In Her Bag

A woman is issuing a warning after she found an Apple AirTag in her purse wasn’t hers. Taking to her TikTok page, @Molly32320 explains that she found it in her purse after coming home from shopping. At first, she didn’t realize what it was.

The woman is convinced that someone had put it in her bag so they’d be able to track where she is. In one of the videos, she shared, “Girls if you’re listening and this has happened to you before, just be careful. If you ever see one of these AirTags in your bag, be careful, go and soak it in water like me and put it in the grass.”

Lots of users took to the comments section echoing the woman’s warning, saying how dangerous it is to have an AirTag that’s not yours.

  • One person wrote, “It’s a tracker they can find out where you live go to the police and report it hun. Please stay safe [sic].”
  • Another offered, “It’s an AirTag so if u have that with u then it tracks your location but it’s built to track your bag if you’ve lost it etc.”

Source: TikTok/@molly32320

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