Job Interview Lies You Can (and Can't) Get Away With

Most people stretch the truth when applying for a job. And there are some job interview lies you can say that are easy to get away with… but there are some that you won’t be able to get away with.

Lies You Can Get Away With

  • You can lie (within reason) about your skills. If you have an idea about a skill, and can figure it out easily with the thanks of Google, it’s OK to say you know it.
  • You can (probably) lie about how much money you make. It’s actually illegal in many states for employers to ask you what you make, so they shouldn’t really be asking to verify.
  • You can lie about your career plans. Make up where you see yourself in five years, it’s OK.
  • You can be cagey about your employment history. Don’t admit you’re quitting because you hate your boss or want more money. Make something else up.

Lies You Can’t Get Away With

  • Don’t lie about critical job skills. If the job is graphic design, and you don’t know Photoshop in and out, don’t say you do.
  • Don’t make up a past position. Blurring lines is one thing, but lying about working somewhere is an absolute not.
  • Don’t lie about being fired. Especially if it was in violation of something, they will find out.

Source: Lifehacker

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