Here’s What People Will Be Drinking This Summer…

Summer is pretty much here, which for a lot of people mean they’ll be consuming a lot more alcohol. But what exactly will be people drinking? Well, Drizly has the answer.

The delivery service is out with their fourth annual Consumer Trends Report, revealing what folks will be drinking this summer, and what different generations will be enjoying. Summer drinking trends include:

  • Tequila, tequila and more tequila – According to the Drizly survey, Tequila will be one of the most popular spirits Americans plan to purchase (17%), a full seven percentage points ahead of another red-hot spirit, American Whiskey. Only vodka is more popular (18%). Plus, 43% of those surveyed 43% say tequila-based ready-to-drink cocktails are the ones they are most interested in.
  • Ready-to-drink cocktails – Ready to drink cocktails is the top adult beverage people think they’ll buy more of this year. Plus, one-third of people say they will be making fewer cocktails at home, with 73% more likely to buy RTDs.
  • Millennials & Gen Z opting for non-alcoholic drinks - Not everyone wants to get drunk this summer while enjoying a cocktail. In fact, 38% of Gen Z is interested in replacing traditional drinks with non-alcoholic ones, something only 25% of Millennials, 15% of Gen X and 8% of Boomers are interested in. The top reason for doing so is to have a “healthier lifestyle” (44%).
  • Gen Z is big into red wine, and more expensive alcohol – The survey finds Gen Z is the generation most likely to say they will buy more red wine this year (38%). They also say they are more likely to spend more money on premium alcohol when having a get-together.
  • Giving alcohol as gifts – More and more people are embracing booze as a gift, with gift purchases up 66% last year over 2020. As for the most popular occasions to buy alcohol, birthdays top the list (64%), followed by holidays (56%).
  • Vacation vibes – While folks may have a go-to drink when they are home, most like to change it up on vacation, with 49% of people saying they like to enjoy drinks that match the vibe of their vacation. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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