How To Win Someone Over When They Don’t Like You

Wish there was something you could do to get your mother-in-law or your new boss to like you more? According to one relationship expert, there are a few things you can do to win someone over if they don’t really seem to like you at first.

In a TikTok videoKimberly Moffit explains that she’s seen these psychological strategies work “even if you feel like you’ve made a bad first impression or you really think this person doesn’t like you.” The relationship expert says these are the tactics that really work:

  • Resist - When you feel like someone doesn’t like you, it’s natural for you to shy away from them, but Moffit insists you fight that urge. Instead, she recommends doing the complete opposite. “You’re going to put yourself in front of them as much as humanly possible and you’re going to have an uplifted attitude without being disgruntled,” she explains.
  • Ask them for advice - This can make them “warm up to you and make them think you’re smarter,” according to Moffit. She says it inflates their ego and makes them side with you.
  • Give them context - Tell them about your life and your intentions because Moffit says it “makes them like you even more in the end.”
  • Don’t give up - This expert claims it takes eight positive encounters with someone to change their mind about you, so if at first you don’t succeed, hang in there. She explains, “No matter how hard it feels to win them over, keep trying - the light will be at the end of the tunnel.”

Source: The Sun

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