The Average Guest Spends HOW MUCH Attending A Wedding?!?

Wedding season is upon us, which means a lot of people will be spending their weekends getting all dolled up to celebrate someone else’s big day. And it’s apparently costing folks a lot of money to do so. A new Priceline survey finds:

  • 79% of people plan to attend a wedding this year, while 61% will attend a wedding-related event.
  • 57% of people will be attending more weddings or wedding-related events this year, particularly because they missed out on so many over the past two years.
  • 60% are invited to more weddings and wedding related-events this year because of COVID postponements.
  • In fact, people have so many that 50% have had to decline events because they had multiple invites for the same weekend.

And all those weddings come at a price.

  • Americans are spending over $2,700 attending an average wedding.
  • Based on the median annual salary in the U.S., that’s equivalent to a month of salary.
  • As for what they are spending their money on...
    • Engagement Party: $981
    • Bachelorette/bachelor party: $969
    • Bridal shower: $680
    • Gift: $525
  • And many aren’t expecting such high costs, with 76% of guests saying they are surprised by the expenses that come with attending a wedding.
  • 58% of people have skipped certain wedding-related events that required them to travel due to costs.
  • 61% say that if they have to travel they will spend less on the gift. 
  • ONE MORE THING! When it comes to single guests, 66% would rather find a good deal on a hotel than be invited with a guest, while 63% would rather find a flight deal. And 65% would rather attend a wedding without a date so they are not responsible for travel costs.

Source: Priceline

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