People Share the Dumbest Reasons They Didn't Get Hired

We’ve all applied for jobs that we didn’t get. But did you know the reason that you weren’t hired? Was it legit… or just straight up dumb? Reddit user u/rustinspencercohle was curious and asked people “what’s the dumbest reason you weren’t hired for a job?” and the answers will make you laugh, cry, and maybe even cringe.

  • "About a year ago, there was an opening for a general manager position with a car dealership that I had some interest in. When interviewing, probably 20-25 minutes in, the owner of this dealership asked me if I have ever done cocaine before, which is very specific, you know?"
  • "I asked about the salary. They said they don’t want people who only work for money and instead want people who are passionate about sales."
  • "I have a pumpkin tattoo (Tim Burton style) and apparently that means I'm either 'one of those Wiccans or a Satanist'."
  • "The pen they gave me for a group test didn’t work, and they didn’t have any others for me to use. Lesson learned — always bring a pen and a pencil!"
  • "Someone on the team who interviewed me, not someone I would work with or see on a daily basis, dated my sister in high school. He flat out said in the interview, 'It took me a while to get over her.' They were 15 at the time and it was 17 years later."

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Source: Reddit

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