People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Dating Moments

Nobody likes to make a bad impression on a date, but sometimes it happens, often through no fault of our own. Many of these mishaps can be rather embarrassing, and now folks are spilling the beans on what happened to them.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the most embarrassing dating moments they regret happening, and I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who can totally relate. Embarrassing dating moments include:

  • “I dropped a bowling ball on a guy’s foot during a date today."
  • “A few years ago I had to go to the bathroom so badly that I wasn’t aware that I did not pull my pants down all the way. I smelled like a walking toilet the whole time during a date.”
  • “I once farted while I was coughing during a date.”
  • “I tried to fart quietly during a date at a nice restaurant but ended up RIPPING one that shook the wine glasses. The whole place got awkwardly quiet…Check please!”
  • “Thank you Olive Garden for letting me discover I’m allergic to mushrooms…during a date.”
  • “Got sick and threw up during a date.”
  • “I suck at complimenting people so one night during a date, I told him that he looked clean.”
  • “One time I sneezed while chewing watermelon on a date. I didn’t realize it was hanging out of my nose til I got home.”
  • “One time when I was on a date I spit my drink into the guy’s mouth because he made me laugh. Long story short, there was no second date.”
  • “Today I peed myself in front of my date because he made a joke.”
  • “I slipped on the ice and ate it so hard in front of my date…luckily he very politely laughed along with me after checking on me.” 

Source: Whisper

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