Marriage Therapist Reveals #1 Complaint Women Have Against Husbands

Marriage therapist Corrin Voeller took to TikTok to share what the top complaint is that she hears women say about their husbands. What is it? That hubbys are always waiting to hear from their wives what needs to be done around the house, rather than just doing it themselves.

"And they're really looking for a partner in life who is actively responsible for the house and for the children — and not waiting for their wife to tell them what to do,” Corrin said, also asking, "Are you taking passive responsibility or active responsibility for the things that need to get done?"

She then explained the difference "Active responsibility would be you looking around the house for things you could do and taking responsibility for the things that need to happen within the house. Passive responsibility would be being available to help — but waiting for somebody to tell you what needs to be done."

The vid has gotten over 4,000 comments.. with many of them agreeing with her!

Source: Insider

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