There's An Easy Way To Tell If Someone Likes You

How do you know if someone really likes you or not? It’s easier than you may think, at least according to dating expert Rhiannon Quinche. In fact, it’s all in how they move their hands. Rhiannon took to her TikTok channel, @rhiannonbethanyq to share it. She admits that she can’t remember when she first heard the tip, but does say that since she’s heard it, she’s noticed it happening and can confirm it’s real.

Rhiannon explains, “So basically if you’re speaking to someone and they scratch the back of their hand, it means that they [like] you. It’s some kind of subconscious grooming thing. But honestly, you will notice people doing it, and it’s wild.”

Of course, people took to the comment both to banter and with some jokes. “They probably just have anxiety haha” one person wrote, with another commenting, “I was talking to my aunt and she scratched the back of her hand, what does this mean.”

Source: NY Post

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