Popular Things Some People Really Don’t Care About

A now-viral Reddit post has people revealing the things that other people really like that they just aren’t into. It asks, “What is something crazy popular that you have no interest in?” Nearly 12-thousand comments have come in, with responses covering everything from NFTs to TikTok.

These are some of the top answers:

  • “NFTs. No matter how much I read, no matter what my friends tell me, I cannot see how there is any value to these images. It just feels so phony to me.”
  • “Marvel. Those movies are 99 percent greenscreen and seem like the same storyline recycled over and over and over and over and over.”
  • “Reality TV”
  • “Celebrity gossip”
  • “Having children”
  • “For me its sports and sneakers”
  • “‘Game of Thrones.’I know it's not hype now, especially after they botched the last season, but I haven't cared for it since it came out.”
  • “Gender reveal parties and baby showers.”
  • “Name brand clothing I'll stick to my 2 shirts for $18 at Costco”
  • “Facebook”
  • "TikTok, I've never installed it, and it has never caught my attention in spite of its angry relentless insistence, Lol.”
  • “BTS and K-pop”
  • “Wordle”
  • “Astrology. Also whatever you call it when you believe crystals have healing powers or whatever. I can't believe how seriously people take that stuff.”
  • “Being an adult”

Source: Reddit

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