How To Boost Confidence When You’re Feeling Insecure

Everyone has moments of insecurity, even successful career women like Lisa Bilyeu. After co-founding Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory, she admits she didn’t feel like she had the confidence to take on the public speaking engagements she was being offered. So she found a way to face her insecurities by “life-hacking” her way to feeling more confident.

To master the art of confidence, try those life-hacks that worked for Bilyeu.

  • Just say yes - It might feel impossible to put yourself out there, but she says the first step is accepting whatever opportunity or task is thrown your way. If you wait until you feel confident before saying yes, you may be waiting for a long time. So try not to let your emotions take over and just agree to it first.
  • Find your “hype song” - Next is the time to figure out how to actually do the thing and that means using confidence-building tools to your advantage. Music can be powerful and certain songs can actually help calm feelings of anxiety. So find your “hype song” - the one that instantly boosts your mood and play it on repeat when you need it.
  • Find your “cape” - Certain clothes can make you feel more powerful and Bilyeu calls her confidence wardrobe her superhero “cape.” Think about what garment or style gives you a power boost and wear it with confidence.
  • Try a subliminal message - Be your own cheerleader using a technique she’s dubbed “You’ve Got This Roulette.” To help ease jitters as she gears up for an event, Bilyeu types “You’ve got this” with a little muscle emoji in her phone, then she closes her eyes and spins her alarm. She doesn’t know what time it’s set for, she just saves it and then over the next two weeks, she gets notifications at random times that remind her she’s got this!

Source: Mind Body Green

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